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Some NJDEP Online services have associated fees. A Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit card, or a valid checking account is required for online payment of the required fees.

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Note: For use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 in Compatibility Mode, or Mozilla Firefox 26 or later.
NOTICE: The MSRP Annual Report service is currently unavailable due to technical issues. We are currently working on a solution. Please check back periodically for updates. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

NOTICE: Please be advised that the EER spreadsheets will require Excel 2010 or higher starting with the first quarter 2015 submittals, which are due April 30, 2015.

NJDEPOnline and SSL Vulnerability

Due to the recent discovery of the latest SSLv3 vulnerability (POODLE), on November 7th, the myNJ Portal & NJDEPOnline will no longer support the SSLv3 protocol.  SSLv3 is vulnerable to attacks, such as POODLE, which could compromise information sent and received across the Internet.  SSLv3 is one of several protocols used for HTTPS, a method that browsers use to access web sites and keep information private.  Connections to myNJ & NJDEPOnline will still be protected by HTTPS but they will require the newer industry-standard TLS protocol instead.  The vast majority of connections to myNJ & NJDEPOnline already use TLS, and disabling SSLv3 will prevent browsers from being tricked into negotiating a less secure SSLv3 connection when, for example, a user is at a WiFi hotspot or other location that could be controlled by an attacker.

What you should do:

If you use one of our recommended browsers below then there is no further action required on your part.  However if you still use an older browser like Internet Explorer 6 then after November 7th 2014, you will continue to get a secure connection failed error message until you upgrade to one of our recommended browsers.

NJDEP Online suggests Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9, or 10.0 in Compatibility Mode, or Mozilla Firefox version 26 or later to operate correctly. It may not work with any other web browsers such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Failure to upgrade to the correct browser version may cause data to display incorrectly and may disable some features.

NOTICE: If you have an existing DEP Online Login ID, you will be subject to the increased security measures implemented for registered users on June 10th, 2014. The first time you log in after the implementation date you will have to select and answer 5 challenge questions and create a PIN (even if you already have a system assigned PIN). In addition, since providing a mail address is no longer optional, you may have to add a mail address to your user profile. Finally, you will no longer be able to change your first or last name online. DEP staff will have to do that, after receiving proper documentation from the user. The challenge questions will be used when you change your password, PIN or email address. They will also be used, along with your PIN, for certifying submissions.

NOTICE: For optimal performance, it is advised to maintain only one Internet Explorer or Firefox browser window or tab when using the NJDEP Online System.

Microsoft has ended support of the Windows XP operating system. As the operating system gets older, any security problems that arise will not be addressed. Therefore, NJDEP will no longer be supporting this operating system and Internet Explorer versions older than Version 9. At this time we cannot guarantee users employing Windows XP or Internet Explorer older than version 9 will be able to successfully complete online services. For users of the E2 component of NJDEP Online, only Internet Explorer Version 9, or 10.0 in Compatibility Mode may be used at this time.

NJDEP Online can now be accessed via the myNewJersey Portal at or accessed directly from this page by selecting 'Log in to NJDEP Online'. NJDEP Online offers two different types of online services, Registered and Non-Registered:

Non-Registered Services - These are simplified services that DO NOT require having an account or logging into myNewJersey to access or complete. Simply click here for a listing of the available Non-Registered services, select a service and begin.

Registered Services - These services DO require having a myNewJersey Portal account in order to access and complete. If you do not have a myNewJersey Portal account, you are able to create one during the registration process OR simply click the "NEW USERS..." button to begin the registration process. You will also be able to use this same myNewJersey account to access additional online services provided by other New Jersey Departments. Click here for a listing of the available Registered services.

NJDEP Online New User Registration Instructions (Please read the instructions thoroughly before continuing. Instructions will open in a new window so you can print them or follow along. If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat PDF reader please download it here in order to read or save the instructions.)

NEW USERS Request Access to NJDEP Online for Registered Services

Registered and Non-Registered Services:

Registered Services DO require users to create a NJDEP Online and myNewJersey account:

Non-Registered Services DO NOT require NJDEP Online or myNewJersey account creation and can be accessed without logging in:

We welcome comments and suggestions regarding additional functions. Address your comments and suggestions to us.


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